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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIY Windshield Repair Kits (Dont Work)

  DIY windshield repair Kits

These things are JUNK waste on time and money. All they are good for is screwing up a windshield
repair . sure you may get lucky on a small percentage of breaks. but 95% of the time they will mess
the repair up. WHY? three reasons off the top of my head 1. inferior low grade resin 2 .no drill bit that
many repairs need to create an opening so the resin can flow in 3. they cannot pull a proper vaccuum to remove air from break .

  Super glue and Windshield Repair

Occasionaly a customer will ask me. Is that super glue you injecting in the windshield? My reply is
Ya super glue on steriods, just kidding . super glue is way to thick to make its way into tiny cracks.
you need a special formula made for windshield repair call UV resin its comes in many viscosity for
diff types of windshield repair. Never use super glue it will just clog the repair up.


Every now and them i get called out for surface chips unfortunately there is nothing i can do for these.
a surface chip is when a rock hit a windshield and takes a small piece of glass out of the windshield
usually these are superficial, most common are about the size of a tip of a inkpen to a 1/8 inch in dia.
unless there is a small crack or a dark black area under them dont sweat it they should be fine.

   RainX and windshield repair

If you have a chip in your windshield do not apply rainx over the top of it. it will contaminate the repair,
many rock chips are open to the elements rain,dirt, washer solvents, water repelants [rainx] etc the
best thing to do if you get a chip in your windshield is to put a small piece of UPS box tape over it
to keep it free of moisture and dirt.

 This Windshield repair Tech Is suppose to know what he is doing

To start off he needs to learn how to drill his drill bit moves all over the point on impact making the finished repair more visilble.
Second he takes his probe and creates more damage {trust me this is NOT needed} then was there in the first place. Heath fly into St. louis i will train you properly.

                                      Black area around Windshield (Frit Band)

Think of the black area around your windshield like trim on your house, it finishes it off. It also keeps the UV rays of the sun from breaking down the factory seal (urathane). The most interesting fact is
that 75% of windshields that crack get hit by rocks in this area.
Two reasons for this is 1, you never see a chip in this area unless you look really close.  It is a good idea every now and then to focus in this area,  if you see a chip, look close to see if it has a star or dark shadow under it. If it does, call your windshield repair professional.
2, alot of stress is put on the windshield the closer to the frame making it more breakable.

                                                Clear Nail polish and rock chip repair
Every now and then when i arrive to do a rock chip repair i see that my customer has put clear nail polish
on the repair thinking that it will stop the cracking process.Not True this will only hinder the repair process
nail polish is way to thick to make it down in side the chip, not to mention it is not formulated for windshield repair.